Tuesday 6th February 2024

Tuesday 6th February 2024

We were invited to the Beversbrook Sports and Social Group today to explain short mat bowls and give the group members a chance to play the game.They usually meet at 1pm on a Tuesday, and play darts, pool and badminton, so short mat was a change from the normal.

We used 2 mats and had 7 helpers from our club to lend a hand. We had a very enjoyable hour, with some good bowling amongst the beginners. Dan, Paul and Callum from Beversbrook joined in the bowling, all 3 proving they had a good eye for the game.

A big thank you to Dan for arranging the session and we hope to repeat this sometime in the future should the Sports and Social Group wish it.A big thank you also to the members of  our club who helped on the day.

Photo below others can be found following this link. Sports and Social Group 6th February 2024


Members awaiting their turn