Calne Short Mat Bowls Club

New Electric 3 mat roller arrival 25th April 2024 – 2.30pm

Good news at last. Our new roller will be arriving at Beversbrook next Thursday 25th April at 2-30pm. It is an important step forward for the club as it means more members will be able to use it to put mats away and not just the current few. With regard to health and safety the committee has always felt that it was especially important to get an electric roller as rolling the mats away on the current manual one gets harder as the years go on.

Members are welcome to come and see its arrival and there will be training offered at that time for selected members so that we will know how to operate it safely from the start, other members can be trained later.

The club would like to thank Alison Robinson, Director of Social Services and Councillors who have made this possible by giving us the initial grant and also the anonymous donors who made up the balance. We are also pleased to confirm that Alison and the Calne Mayor (Robert Macnaughton) will be there to join us.

Beversbrook staff will also be on hand to assist in its settling in, a big thank you to them for their support over the years. We are now in our sixth year and the club continues to grow and retain its wonderful atmosphere, thanks to the members who regularly turn up to tackle our interesting/frustrating floor!!

Needless to say the camera will be there for photo opportunities.

On a slightly sadder note our old roller will be on its way to Marshfield S.M.B.C on the same day at about 5-30pm. This roller came from the Bournemouth Electric Bowls Club and was a condition of Beversbrook allowing us to use the hall, as our mats had to be mobile, it has served us well over the years and we wish it well at Marshfield.

Latest internal league tables. November to March 2024

The latest top five are posted in the members section.

In the Ladies league there has been a change at the top with unfortunately Sue having a difficult March and dropping to 6th, 2 ladies have had great months, Carol and Pat, 1st and 2nd respectively, well done.

In the Men’s league, Dennis is still proving that if you have a good lead, you are in with a good chance of winning the game, he remains in 1st place.
Well done to all.

2024 Friday 22nd March – Practice session

Last night members were invited to a practice session, 18 members booked a place, the session was run by Terry, along with 5 helpers – Ann, John, Pat, Stuart and Phil. The purpose was it let members learn about aspects of the game and practise their bowls without the contraints of the normal sessions when we play as teams.

It was a very successful evening, enjoyed by all who attended. It is planned to have another in about 4 weeks time that will concentrate on playing technique’s and other aspects of the game.

Photographs can be found at Practice session 22nd March 2024


Photos from 4th March 2024 session.

Just a posting to show the full house we had last Monday, another one today. See you at Todays session.

Looks like a close head
Correct it was a close head

27th February 2024 x last winter league game at Marshfield

Having entertained Marshfield at Calne and lost 17-52 (0-9pts), we were doubtful of getting anything, however whilst we lost 23-50, we managed to win 1 rink 13-9 so we got 2 of the 9 points going. Congratulations to Les, Phil and Pat. I am led to believe that Marshfield needed 4 pts to qualify for the finals, so they were happy. As soon as the final league is published I will update the website, we are hoping not to be bottom as we were last year.

Well done to all who played in games, next year who knows!!

18th February 2024 – Annual Presentation Lunch at the North Wilts Golf Club

47 members and partners attended the Annual Presentation Lunch at the North Wilts Golf Club yesterday.  As usual the food and service was very good and everyone appeared to have a good time.

We did the second draw of the year for the 50/50 club that raises £150  each year for charity.  The numbers were drawn by Ro Smith and Ro managed to pull her own number out of the bag to win the first prize of £17, with the second prizes of £8 going to Mayumi Lewis.

Presentations were made and the recipients were as follows – Ladies first of course:

Top Attendance:

Ladies – Mary Edwards

Men – Phil Milham

Top Player:

Ladies – Pat Watson

Men – Phil Milham

Players’ wooden spoons:

Ladies – Sharon Burton

Men – Stuart Beard.

We did the second draw of the year for the 50/50 club that raises £150 each year for charity.  The numbers were drawn by Ro Smith and Ro managed to pull her own number out of the bag to win the first prize of £17, with the second prize of £8 going to Mayumi Lewis.

Many thanks to all those who brought raffle prizes, also those that organised it – a magnificent £148 was raised for our charity fund (chosen charity recipients will be decided as normal at our AGM in November).

Our Secretary Stuart Beard was then presented with an Honorary Lifetime President award by John Harris,, on behalf of the committee and the members, and his wife Pip was presented with a bouquet.

For more photographs please go to Annual Presentation Lunch 24th February 2024


Friday 16th February 2024 – Marshfield home

Not a good week, after losing to Crudwell on Tuesday we took on Marshfield on Friday evening, unfortunately we lost 2 rinks heavily 4-17 and 2-17, however on a lighter note we managed 2 close games losing only by 6-9 and 5-9. Only 1 game left and that is on Tuesday 27th February at Marshfield.

Tuesday 13th February 2024 – away to Crudwell.

On a very wet evening, we received a warm welcome from the home team. Unfortunately the evening did not go our way, losing the first half on both rinks 3-11 and 4-16. So there was a lot to do in the second half unfortunately we did no better in the second half, with Crudwell having a hot shot (6) to win 4-24 on one rink, however the other rink led by Les went to the last end, it was all even at 7-7 when they went into the last end, we were 1 up with Geoff (Crudwell) to bowl his last wood and unfortunately he took the end, so anothe rink down, but only 7-8, well done Les, Phil and Mayumi, commiserations to Nick, Carol and Terry, but congratulations to Crudwell, the final score 19-59 (0-9pts). The Calne team adjusted well to a level floor and the mat speed. Lastly many thanks to Crudwell for the half time refreshments.

February 11th 2024 – February 18th 2024. A busy time.

This week has, as normal, sessions on Monday and Wednesday 2pm to 4 pm and Thursday 6pm to 8pm. So if you think you would like to try bowls, why not come along and see what is involved, if you want to give it a try, just make sure you have flat shoes, there is always a time for a roll-up during the break 2-45pm to 3-05pm.

On Tuesday at 7pm we are away in the W.S.M.B.A Winter league to Crudwell and on Friday we take on Marshfield at Beversbrook, start time 6pm.

To finish things off we have our Annual Luncheo and Presentation at the North Wilts Golf Club at 12-30pm, nearly 50 members, friends and partners will be letting their hair down, enjoying good food and good company.


Tuesday 6th February 2024

We were invited to the Beversbrook Sports and Social Group today to explain short mat bowls and give the group members a chance to play the game.They usually meet at 1pm on a Tuesday, and play darts, pool and badminton, so short mat was a change from the normal.

We used 2 mats and had 7 helpers from our club to lend a hand. We had a very enjoyable hour, with some good bowling amongst the beginners. Dan, Paul and Callum from Beversbrook joined in the bowling, all 3 proving they had a good eye for the game.

A big thank you to Dan for arranging the session and we hope to repeat this sometime in the future should the Sports and Social Group wish it.A big thank you also to the members of  our club who helped on the day.

Photo below others can be found following this link. Sports and Social Group 6th February 2024


Members awaiting their turn

Friday 26th Jan 2024 – home league game against Crudwell

The game started on time and proved to be an excelent game, with great bowling on both sides, as normal our floor gave the players a challenge, which on the whole they overcame.

The first half ended with Calne winning one mat and Crudwell the other,

Calne teams first;

Rink 1Nick and Carol Phillips and Terry Brewer 10 – Anita Smith, Julia Guest and Geoff Lane 12

Rink 2 Mayumi Lewis , Pat Watson and Phil Milham 11 – Pam Baldry, Geoff Webb and Brian Reynolds 7

The second half  was close with Crudwell winning both rinks.

Rink 1 Mayumi Lewis, Pat Watson and Phil Milham 7 – Anita Smith, Julia Guest and Geoff Lane 9

Rink 2 Nick and Carol Phillips and Terry Brewer 7 – Pam Baldry, Geoff Webb and Brian Reynolds 11

Overall score  Calne 35 Crudwell 39 – Calne 2 pts Crudwell 7pts

Winter League Game against Crudwell 26th Jan 2024