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Past Club Competitions – Winners and Runners-up

Year Competition Winner Runner-up 3rd Place
2018/19 Member of the year Ladies Ann Harris n/a n/a
(only ran for this year) Men John Harris n/a n/a
2019/20 No competitions
due to convid
2020/21 Top Player Ladies Christine Edwards(1.17) Margaret Sandell (0.89) Christine Davis (0.76)
Men Les Fish (1.13) Herbert Sandell (1.11) Phil Woods (1.09)
2020/21 Top Attendance Ladies Christine Edwards (41) Margaret Sandell (38) Christine Davis (37)
Men Phil Woods (59) Terry Brewer (51) Peter Roberts (49)
2021/22 Top Player Ladies Christine Edwards(1.27) Ann Harris (1.23) Mary Edwards (1.22)
Men Les Fish (1.36) Phil Milham (1.13) Phil Woods (1.07)
2021/22 Top Attendance Ladies Christine Edwards(73) Mary Edwards (68) Beccy Kirk (49)
Men Peter Roberts (84) Phil Milham (83) Phil Woods (82)
2022/23 Top Player Ladies Pat Watson (1.43) Carol Phillips (1.30) Beccy Kirk (1.18)
Men Phil Milham (1.31) Nick Phillips (1.30) Les Fish (1.13)
2022/23 Top Attendance Ladies Mary Edwards (80) Kay Dando (72) Carol Phillips (64)
Men Phil Milham (102) Phil Woods (87) Peter Roberts (73)
2022/23 Top Player (Wooden Spoon) Ladies Sharon Burton (0.79) Angela Fish (0.88) Jennie Edge (0.90)
2022/23 Top Player (Wooden Spoon) Men Stuart Beard (0.69) John Edwards (0.79) Norman Lawton (0.80)

Hot Shot Award

On Thursday evening session on the 20th March 2022,  yet another hot shot award this time, here are the happy four.

Another hot shot, L to R Beccy, Christine, Norman and Ann


Presentations at the club

On Wed 26th Feb 2022, two awards were given.  Firstly the attendance award medals for the 2020/21 season: the Ladies’ winner was Christine E.,  the Men’s went to Phil W. These would normally be presented at the annual luncheon which had to be cancelled due to Covid.

Then a first for the club.  A Hot Shot had been achieved on the 17th Nov 2021 so today was the first time a Hot Shot scroll had been awarded at the club.  The recipients of a certificate were  Beccy, John and Phil M.

Here are the happy members.