New Electric 3 mat roller arrival 25th April 2024 – 2.30pm

New Electric 3 mat roller arrival 25th April 2024 – 2.30pm

Good news at last. Our new roller will be arriving at Beversbrook next Thursday 25th April at 2-30pm. It is an important step forward for the club as it means more members will be able to use it to put mats away and not just the current few. With regard to health and safety the committee has always felt that it was especially important to get an electric roller as rolling the mats away on the current manual one gets harder as the years go on.

Members are welcome to come and see its arrival and there will be training offered at that time for selected members so that we will know how to operate it safely from the start, other members can be trained later.

The club would like to thank Alison Robinson, Director of Council Services and Councillors who have made this possible by giving us the initial grant and also the anonymous donors who made up the balance. We are also pleased to confirm that Alison and the Calne Mayor (Robert Macnaughton) will be there to join us.

Beversbrook staff will also be on hand to assist in its settling in, a big thank you to them for their support over the years. We are now in our sixth year and the club continues to grow and retain its wonderful atmosphere, thanks to the members who regularly turn up to tackle our interesting/frustrating floor!!

Needless to say the camera will be there for photo opportunities.

On a slightly sadder note our old roller will be on its way to Marshfield S.M.B.C on the same day at about 5-30pm. This roller came from the Bournemouth Electric Bowls Club and was a condition of Beversbrook allowing us to use the hall, as our mats had to be mobile, it has served us well over the years and we wish it well at Marshfield.