Urchfont Friendly 28th November 2019

Urchfont Friendly 28th November 2019

Calne travelled to Urchfont on Tuesday evening in a return friendly match, their second friendly, the mat was much shorter than we were used to and as a result it took a while to get used to it, however it was good experience and more friendlies are planned. Our friends at Urchfont did a very nice supper and all in all whilst we lost on all rinks, it was a fun, sociable and challenging evening.

A big thank you to all at Urchfont.

Scores were, skips first

First Half

Stuart, Phil M, Les and Jennie lost 7-9

Wendy, Phil W, Bryan and Angela F lost 4-12

Second Half

Doug, Phil M, Les and Bryan lost 5-8

Norman, Phil W, Alan W and Mary E lost 6-7 (1 shot lost on the last end)